Welcome to the World of Hieroglyphs from the founders of Egyptological, the free online magazine and journal about Ancient Egypt.

We are very proud to present a number of applications developed by Kate Phizackerley for rendering hieroglyphs online.  Using the Manuel de Codage script as a base, Kate has developed a mark-up language which allows users to include beautifully formatted hieroglyphs and hieroglyphic texts in their articles and comments.

See the links in the menu to find out more.  We have included the Gardiner Sign List which will help you to use the system in full, and a page prepared for  resources which will be developed in the future.  To see more about Kate’s current online hieroglyph projects see our Hieroglyphs page on Egyptological.

Hieropaedia is still under development and will become a fully featured web portal for everyone learning hieroglyphs.

If you have any feedback or requests please get in touch.  We will be very happy to hear from you.

Kate Phizackerley and Andrea Byrnes